Ode to My Shoes by Erica Jong

July 4, 2011 at 4:17 am (Styling)

Ode to My Shoes
(After Neruda, who left us his

The poet alone
is writing an ode
to her shoes–
her shoes which
only she can fill,
her shoes of
purple suede and green leather
the color of palm fronds,
diamond-studded boots,
her feathered cowboy boots,
her seven-league epic
poetry boots,
her little silver haiku boots,
with tiny heels that
her first-person platform boots
and her backless glass
modelled after Cinderella’s
(one lost, at midnight,
because of
a running man),
her huntress boots of India-rubber,
her lover’s boots
joined at the ankle
like leg irons,
her pink baby booties bronzed
her daughter’s burning Reeboks,
her lover’s laceless
left in the guest room closet
for her to kiss
year after
after year.

Darling shoes,
beloved feet
ten toes to walk me
toward my true
*****-me pumps to fuel his passion
stiletto heels to stab him
he strays.

Shoes tell you everything.
Shoes speak my language.
Their tap tap tap
on the airport runway
tells me the story
of a lovely, lonely woman flying
after love–
That old, old story
in a new pair
of shoes.


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When You’re Passion Becomes Your Archnemesis

June 26, 2011 at 5:40 am (Designs)

All day today, all day yesterday, all day everyday I think of fashion.  What I’m wearing, what the stars are wearing, what the designers are creating, praying I can keep a design in my head till I get home so I can sketch it out.  I have this insatiable thirst to be around all things fashion.  So much so that when I’m not somehow exercising it, I’m restless.  Obession?  Very well possible.  So, what do you do when your passion becomes your archnemesis?

So far, I’m choosing to write about it.  I wonder how far I can push the enevelope with my style because I can no longer surpress it.  I feel like a caged animal, a lion ready to be let out.  Elle, Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, here I come!  At the same time, inside the lion is a cub travelling back and forth between fear and awareness of my true identity.

A lion cub has to find out it’s a lion, one of the fiercest animals on earth.  It’s just like us.  We don’t know from birth that we are awesome.  It takes years and some life blows and victories to find that out.  By day (in some amazing CC Nveve styled outfit of course) I’m a federal analyst auditing tax dollars.  Monday through Friday, walking the halls of my job, I ignore the stares while secretly wishing someone would ask me about my crazy mismatched outfit so I could tell them I’m not crazy, I’m fashion.  (Ok, so I’m not exactly ignoring them so much as not internalizing the judgment.)  After 5, I’m trying to unleash the beast scouring fashionista.com, citizencouture.com, and peering through fashion magazines, and now confessing I’m Elle’s next style correspondent like I’ve lost my mind.  Here’s the thing, when you finally discover the one thing that feeds your innermost self, you aren’t satisfied until you’ve done something related to it.

My pastor, Bishop Alvin Stewart explained when someone taps into the thing that’s their purpose, you can’t stop them.  You can tell them to turn the volume down, but you cannot stop them.  Well let me tell you something, my purpose was muted for many years and now I can’t even turn it down.  Now, I have to turn it up.  You can’t change your life until you despise your present! [paraphrased, Bishop Alvin D. Stewart, ALARM International]

Friday, I wore a black and white houndstooth skirt with a zebra print blouse and a black and white striped jacket with black patent leather Giani Bini pumps.  If all the prints weren’t enough, I added a bold red lip (Mary Kay, nothing but the best for this face).  I absolutely loved my outfit.  To me, it was a man’s tie broken up into three distinct pieces.  (Hey, if Vogue can pair a multi color stiped tunic with a multi color floral mai skirt, why can’t I pair random black and white patterns?)  I got so many sideway looks that day.  I didn’t care.  That morning, I decided I was going to be who I really am.  “I’m a better me then I’m  a pretender,” Bishop Stewart.

I’m eclectic and my style reflects it.  My outfit tomrrow is a bit shocking and very mismatched.  I’m visiting family tomorrow and I know one or two of them will have some jokes for me.  Their jokes won’t phase me or deter me from my mission: to represent myself in the fullest.  If I’m not me, I insult God because he created me unique and unforgettable.  I dare not tell God I disapprove of his creation.  My style speaks to who I am.  I’m creative, accepting, a little out there, bold, daring, and I’m a fabulous designer!

So to all who are reading this, I have an assignment for you.  Seek the thing that makes your heart race and tell me about it.  Whatever that thing is, it’s you.  I charge you to go after it with a bit a reckless abandonment because everyday you don’t, you loose a piece of your identity.  Don’t cage the beast; don’t even try to train it!  If you’re a writer, then write the book.  If you’r a sport journalist, start your own publication.  If you’re a dancer, then dance until you blister.  Your effectiveness lies within your passion.  Start tapping into it and watch God take the doors off the hinges for you to live it!

I was going to wait til tomorrow to publish this post so I could add a pic of the black and white motif, but the restlessness wouldn’t calm down until I published it.  Check back tomorrow afternoon for pictures of my outfits for the whole week!

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Today’s Mix Prints Challenge

June 22, 2011 at 3:39 am (Designs)

Check out the Tuesday’s outfit and let me know what you think!

Mixed neutral stipes with a bold floral top and subtle leopard/orange shoes.

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Mixing Prints

June 21, 2011 at 4:26 am (Designs)

Vogue’s Social Shopper showed great pieces to mix prints; beautiful floral caftans, striped tunics, printed shorts; all inspired by Stella McCartney’s Resort 2012 collection. I’m all about mixing prints.

So maybe you’re not quite ready to mix stripes with florals.  Try, something like the blue embellished top and these pink lace shorts below.  Keep it flirty and fun by adding pearls and a nude pump. If the nude pump doesn’t do it for you, a brown skinny belt and tan moccasins can change the entire outfit (makes me think of a picnic in the Hamptons)!

For those who chose to be a little bit more daring with the mixing, start off with prints in the same color family like the black and white abstract boatneck top and the grey and black star print dress.  Add some strappy black pumps, some gold bangles and hoops, throw in an ivory hobo.  I’d wear it to work with some green ballet flats and then throw on the heels for a date or dinner with my girls!

Have fun with your style this week. Anything goes if you have confidence!

*All clothing in photos can be purchased at forever21.com

Vogue Social Shopper article


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“Fashions fade, style is eternal” ~Yves Saint Laurent

November 28, 2010 at 12:50 am (Styling)

Hello everyone,

This blog is for all those who love to dress, love to look great, but look in their closets and get frustrated.  Frustrated about what you don’t see, or what you’re tired of wearing, and that you don’t have the money to buy a new wardrobe.

I’m the senior stylist and founder of CC Nveve, a freelance and personal styling company.  I specialize in styling for the woman who wants more out of her wardrobe.  I always say, “If you can’t see a piece of clothing worn 5 different ways, then don’t buy it.  It’s not a good investment!”

Look here weekly for ideas on how to get more out of your current wardrobe.  You’ll also find shopping tips on where to go, when to buy, and how much you should be paying.

CC Nveve’s blog is for all of you who are beautiful, unique, and unforgettable!  Post questions and we’ll be sure to answer them!

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